Detailed description of the project

The overall objective of this assignment is to carry out a Baseline Study that will help to better understand the current situation of the climate services landscape in the regions, and establish feasible targets that will assist in tracking the changes in the mid-term and end of the project implementation period. The Baseline Study, at the beginning of the programme, is expected to determine the state of climate services production and delivery in the regions, as well as the application, utilisation and evaluation of the users’ outcomes, due to the uptake of the climate information and services.

Specific Objectives

Nature and Scope of Services Provided

The Baseline Study shall be undertaken as a desk review drawing from, inter alia, the reports and strategic documents.
The study will include interviews with all relevant stakeholders and where possible and appropriate it can include travel to the regions for verification purposes.


i) Collect baseline data to establish status quo in the year referring to the
ii) Document Existing Information to support target setting