We at CECODDA offer technical assistance services in specific thematic areas that are at the core of our work.

Our Technical Assistance come in a range of interventions including: Policy analysis, support and advisory; program and project identification, design, planning and formulation; monitoring, evaluation, research and learning from projects and programs; reviews and analysis of project implementation; Information technology support; and taking into account the lessons learned in the implementation of economic and social development and poverty reduction programs.

The Center contributes to Africa’s sustainable development agenda by promoting the expertise of African professionals in different fields such as Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development, Trade and Regional Integration, Climate Change and many others. other socio-economic aspects of sustainable development.

Agriculture and Rural Development

Agricultural and rural management, Rural surveys and definition of needs and priorities

Trade and Investment

Promotion of investments, development of SMEs, negotiation advice, definition and implementation of

Environmental and Climate Change

Environmental impact assessment and adaptation studies, inventory and management of natural resources.

Social Development

Support for strengthening the legal framework, promotion and protection of human rights; Support for the implementation of policies and reforms

Training and Capacity Building

Development of a training master plan, training of trainers; studies and realization of systems and products specific to training and learning, study, implementation and assistance in the management of services or centers for training, instruction, learning and supervision, design, management, evaluation and monitoring of training and development projects, definition of study programs and development of methodologies, organization and facilitation of conferences or seminars, development of communication policies and strategies, human resources management, negotiation advice, etc. .